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Hey, I'm Hannah!

I started my career in healthcare as a Registered Nurse in 2013. My experience in nursing is varied; including pediatrics, cardiology, med-surg, inpatient orthopedics, home health care, and school nursing. I quickly realized that our "health care" system was based on sick-care and had little to no emphasis on prevention, and that most healthcare professionals aren't equipped to address lifestyle and nutrition.


I began pursuing my Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition & Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health. I graduated 2018, and am now a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist (BCNS). Since that time I've been working in nursing and seeing private nutrition clients. 

My nutrition philosophy is grounded in finding the root cause of disease and utilizing a whole foods no-nonsense approach with healthy lifestyle changes to support the foundational needs of the body to restore proper functioning.

My goal is to educate you to understand how food can be used as medicine so that you feel empowered to make lasting change on your path towards health.